Sorolay Ballroom Atlanta

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Ballroom Dance Lessons Offered

Ballroom Dance Lessons for Couples

Ballroom Dance Lessons for Adults

Enjoy a guided private dance lesson with the amazing Nicolay! She knows how to make your lesson fun and pleasant. Her expertise, experience and personality will make you feel confident and relaxed in the arms of your loved one. Have a date night with a dance lesson!

Ballroom Dance Lessons for Adults

Competitive Pro-Am for Adults and Kids

Beyond social dancing is the exciting world of competitive Pro-Am dancing. Training to compete with your instructor is a fun and rewarding activity. Set a goal for yourself and try this sport with Sorin or Nicolay.

 Ballroom Dance Lessons for Kids

Ballroom Dance Lessons for Kids

An early start is a great advantage for young dancers to develop poise and self confidence. Training in Ballroom and Latin Dance offers children many benefits as they develop new skills in a creative art form. Sorolay teaches guided curriculum and original choreography preparing our students for competition as well as biannual studio recitals.

Showcase Ballroom Dance Lessons

Showcase Pro-Am for Adults and Kids

Learn a solo dance routine with Sorin and Nicolay. Enjoy the fun and excitement of special costumes, choreography and music. See our annual participation in   Dancing Stars of Atlanta  as instructors, choreographers and performers.


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